SEAMEO RECFON mengundang para Akademisi yang berafiliasi pada Perguruan Tinggi, Lembaga/Badan, Politeknek (termasuk diantaranya Poltekkes) di Indonesia untuk mengirimkan Proposal Penelitian dengan Pilihan topik

  1. Dynamics among food security components
  2. Food security in the cultural, social, and
    economic context
  3. Food security during emergencies
  4. Food security governance
  5. Food security and triple burden of malnutrition
  1. Sustainable healthy diets
  2. Food print management
  3. Food waste management and recycling
  4. Food eco-tourism or gastrotourism
  5. Food environments and
    nutritional outcomes
  6. Food marketing and labelling
  7. Food value chain
  8. Food tax
  1. Validation of innovative anthropometric assessment for use at the population level
  2. Validation of innovative method for biochemical assessment for use at the population level
  3. Use of nuclear technology for nutritional assessment and nutrient content analysis
  4. Development and validation of innovative approach for dietary assessment
  5. Optimal macro and micro nutrient requirement for sub-population
  1. Social determinant of nutrition and health, including identification of gap and the relationship among determinants
  2. Development of intervention strategy to improve health and productivity, focusing on Food Based Recommendation and Behaviour Change Communication involving school and workplace settings
  3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the international strategies to strengthen policy



SEAMEO RECFON Mengundang para guru tingkat PAUD sampai dengan SMA/SMK sederajat di Indonesia untuk Mengirim Proposal penelitian dengan Pilihan Topik

  1. Making Healthy Foods
    Available and Accessible at School
  2. Enhancing Students’ Decision
    Making for Choosing Quality Foods
  3. Food Production, Processing and
    Utilization at School
  1. Sustaining the Availability of
    Healthy Diets at School
  2. Food Waste Management and
    Recycling at School
  3. Promoting Food Eco-tourism at
  1. Determinant of  healthy nutrition and health
  2. Intervention strategy for healthy nutrition among teacher