Education and Training

Our education and training mandate aims to build capacities of professionals  who would become decision makers and program implementors of food and nutrition programs and activities that are relevant to their respective work stations and countries. This mandate is implemented through a Master of Science degree program in community nutrition in collaboration with the Universitas Indonesia.

Capacity Building

Our capacity building mandate aims  to  create greater awareness on food and nutrition among our stakeholders.  This mandate is expected to form communities of practice at various levels that could advocate the importance of food and nutrition as well as initiate activities to improve the nutritional status of themselves and the people around them.  This mandate consists of various learning events like short-term training, seminars, workshops, meetings, and conferences in both face-to-face and virtual modes.


Our research mandate aims to enrich the existing body of knowledge on various aspects of food and nutrition. In particular, our Research activities focus on three research area:

  1. Food safety, food security, and environment
  2. Optimal nutrition throughout the life course
  3. Nutrition, health, and productivity nexus

Information Dissemination

Our information dissmination mandate aims to provide easy access to knowledge materials on food and nutrition that are relevant to our stakeholders. We carry out this mandate through our website, social media accounts, news releases, youtube channel, exhibitions, infographics, e-newsletter, magazine, and mass email services.


Our partnership mandate aims to synergize our efforts with similar-minded institutions to improve the quality of life of our stakeholders by implementing  relevant food and nutrition interventions.  We partner with government, nongovernment, academic, civic, and regional and international development institutions towards this end.

Community Development

Our community development mandate aims to encourage collective efforts and behavioral changes among members of communities to take action on food and nutrition issues and concerns that confront them through the provision of appropriate activities.  We adopt an area-based approach to implement our community development activities such as in school, village, and work settings. This mandate works hand in hand with our capacity building and research mandates.