The Southeast Asia region continues to face the triple burden of malnutrition affecting all age groups in different socio-economic status though in varying degrees. Addressing the various forms of malnutrition requires expertise from multi-disciplines to work together. However, the kinds, quality, and availability of experts in food and nutrition as well as the need for them vary from country to country in Southeast Asia. Thus, our Centre initiated the establishment of the Southeast Asian Food and Nutrition Experts Hub under our Third Five-Year Development Plan (FY 2021/2022-2025/2026).

  • General:

To optimize the available expertise and strengthen the community of practice in food and nutrition in Southeast Asia towards solving nutrition problems in the region by providing appropriate consultancy services in research, capacity building, community development, knowledge dissemination, and policy advocacy leading to a healthy and productive human resources in the region.

  • Specific:
  1. To provide support and strengthen networking among the community of professionals in  food and nutrition in the region
  2. To facilitate the exchange of scientific knowledge and ideas on emerging trends in food and nutrition in the region and beyond through various forms of learning events
  3. To assist in forming research collaborations and consultancy activities in food and nutrition in the region
  4. To contribute in the development and evaluation of national and international capacity building and community development programmes on food and nutrition through consultancy

  • Become a part of a community of practice in the field of food and nutrition in Southeast Asia
  • Strengthening of hands-on experiences in providing expertise to requesting institutions in the region
  • Expansion of professional and personal linkages with other experts in the region
  • Promotion of expertise on SEAMEO RECFON’s website and social media accounts
  • Administrative and technical assistance from the Centre while providing consultancy to a requesting institution that is arranged through the hub
  • Compensation for consultancy services rendered according to the arrangements agreed upon with the requesting institution
  • Certificate of appreciation as hub member, if needed, from SEAMEO RECFON

  1. Must be either a scientist/researcher, university lecturer, decision maker or program implementer from government and non-governmental organizations, or industry people who are directly engaged in various aspects of food and nutrition particularly along the current and new research themes of SEAMEO RECFON (
  2. Preferably be based in Southeast Asia
  3. A graduate of either Doctorate degree or Master degree and with at least 5 years of experience in food and nutrition and related fields.
  4. Has a minimum of 5 publications (e.g., journal article, book, book’s chapter, manual, monograph) in national level in the last 5 years.
  5. Does not have history of endorsing certain products particularly processed foods and drinks containing high sugar, salt, fat and prohibited chemicals, and tobacco.

Members’ Engagements Through the Hub

  1. Either via Individual or group consultancy services
  2. Either via offline or online mode
  3. Either short or long-term

Membership Application and Selection Process

  1. Fill up the application form and submit your application documents
  2. Application submission: June – September
  3. Screening process: October – November
  4. Announcement of the selected members: December

Fill up the aplication form and submit your aplication document through this link:


More Information:


Phone: (+6221 31930205)