SEAMEO RECFON and the International Medical University (IMU) Centre for Transformative Nutrition and Health are currently conducting an hybrid Training on Nutrition Goes to School (NGTS) for 10 school teachers, facilities manager, and canteen operator from REAL International School for the piloting of the NGTS Program in Malaysia. Started on 17 November 2023, the training will run until 14 December 2023 consisting of seven session meetings.

The training aims to improve the participants’ knowledge and skills in implementing a school-based nutrition program following the concept and processes of the NGTS Program. Training topics include (1) Adolescent nutrition; (2) National Nutrition Guidelines; (3) Anthropometric Measurement; (4) Adolescent’s Personal Hygiene; (5) Healthy School Canteen; (6) School Garden for Nutrition Literacy and Nutrition Entrepreneurship; (7) Nutrition Education and Lesson Plan Development; (8) School-Based Management of Health and Nutrition Programs; (9) Management of NGTS Program Implementation; and (10) Action Plan Development.

After the training, the REAL International School is expected to implement the NGTS training according to the action plan that the participants develop..