SEAMEO RECFON held the NGTS advocacy at the Education Office of Cimahi Municipality on 19 March 2024. This advocacy was carried out through a meeting that contained scale-up schools sharing sessions (SD Kartika, SMP 8 Cimahi, SD Cipageran Mandiri 1) and impacted schools problem discussion. Not to mention, feedback for the issues from RECFON, partner schools, and the Education Office of Cimahi Municipality.

The participants attend the meeting which includes representatives from SEAMEO RECFON, Head of Education Office of Cimahi Municipality, three scale-up schools, eight targeted schools, and the representative from Bandung Health Polytechnic.

As the results of the meeting, the Education Office of Cimahi Municipality shows its support to this program and commits to release the Scale-up Assignment Letter. The scale-up schools sharing session brings diverse discussion.