SEAMEO RECFON was welcomed by the Bandung Health Polytechnic for a partnership meeting on 18 March 2024. The meeting is a continuation from the successfulness of the previous online training for nutrition workers. Therefore, the centre and the polytechnic discussed further action plans for the Nutrition Goes to School (NGTS) program in Cimahi Municipality for a year ahead in 2024. This meeting also discussed plans for NGTS implementation in eight impacted schools and three scale-up schools in Cimahi Municipality.

During the discussion session, each participant addressed other plans alongside implementing the NGTS program. The first is the continuation of nutrition worker training and capacity building programs. Secondly, a series of community services is programmed to accommodate the increasing number of assisted schools and the creation of internships and volunteering in LOVE programs which will require the participation from the students and staff of Bandung Health Polytechnic. The centre also initiated journal reviewing, which included three collaboration journals, and set the period from July until December 2024. The centre and the polytechnic also proposed a visiting course with a new curriculum with its material from RECFON. Furthermore, a future partnership manuscript for 2025 was also proposed to continue the existing program.

Ten participants attend the meeting which discuss the NGTS program and its action plans in 2024, as well as the NGTS scale-up plan to the eight impacted schools and other three scale-up schools which were also assisted by MSIB mentees.