1st Southeast Asian Youth Forum on Food and Nutrition

“Healthy Plates, Healthy Futures: Youth Leading The Way to Sustainable Eating”

Guidelines on Application and Selection of Speakers for SEAMEO RECFON’s Southeast Asia Youth Forum on Food and Nutrition

1. Criteria for Forum Speakers :

  • A national of any Southeast Asian country
  • Between the age of 17 and 34 years old regardless of gender, religious affiliation, civil status, and socio-economic status
  • Either currently enrolled in a university/college or officially affiliated with a legitimate organization in any country in Southeast Asia
  • Have a good command of the spoken English language
  • Have internet access

2. The applicants must be a team of two (2) persons per university/college or organization to develop their views on the Forum theme. Applicants must submit their application form and an abstract about their proposed speech related to the theme of the Forum on or before 19 July 2024 through this link: https://bit.ly/registrationYFRecfon

3. The abstract must be in English language, within 400 words, and contain the following parts:

  • Introductory statement that reflects the stand of the applicants on the Forum theme
  • Major arguments that support the stand of the applicants on the Forum theme
  • Call to Action/Recommendations to address the Forum theme

4. Applicants must submit their abstracts in an A-4 sized paper, typewritten using a single line spacing, 11 pts Times Roman font, and in justified margin.

5. Considering that they would represent their university/college or organization, the applicants must secure permission either from their dean, in the case of students, or their HR Head, in the case of professionals, to be Forum speakers once they are selected.

6. The selected applicants must provide permission letters as proof of consent from their respective institutions.

  1. Governing Board Member SEAMEO RECFON shall constitute a Selection Committee composed of its Board of Directors, Training Unit Manager and an expert from one of its academic partners.
  2. The Selection Committee will hold the screening of the submitted abstracts on 1-10 August 2024.
  3. The abstracts shall be evaluated based on the following criteria:
    • Clarity and relevance to theme (25%)
    • Innovativeness of ideas (30%)
    • Organization and Logic of ideas (20%)
    • Feasibility of recommended actions (25%)
  4. The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final.
  5. SEAMEO RECFON will announce the selected applicants on 14 August 2024 via its social media account and will also send emails to them. The selected applicants must confirm their participation in the Forum at the latest two weeks upon receipt of the acceptance from RECFON. They must also send to SEAMEO RECFON the permission letter from their respective institutions when they confirm their participation in the Youth Forum Day on 9 October 2024.

Deadline of Application and Abstract Submission: 19 July 2024
Screening of the submitted abstracts: 1-10 August 2024
Announcement of the selected applicants: 14 August 2024
Kindly visit https://www.seameo-recfon.org/youth-forum/ and our social media for further information

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Phone +62 21 31902950
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