The 1st SEAMEO International Conference on Food and Nutrition (ICFN) 

Virtual meeting rooms, 9 – 11 September 2020


We proudly and cordially invite researchers, university lecturers and school teachers, program implementors, and policy makers to The 1st SEAMEO International Conference on Food and Nutrition (ICFN) with special emphasis on updates on Early Childhood Care, Nutrition and Education Research and Program Evaluations.  The conference will attempt to  assess the gaps  in current practices, research efforts, policies and opportunities in the field of Early Childhood Care Nutrition.

The title of this conference is :

Ensuring Quality Early Life for Productive Human Resources Post Covid-19 Pandemic:

Updates on Early Childhood Care Nutrition and Education research and program evaluations

While we originally plan to convene all participants in person in September in Jakarta for this conference, we prioritize everyone’s safety but nevertheless we still want to seize the opportunity for exchange of  knowledge and experiences on this important theme during this challenging period though we are distant from each other.  This situation opened the way for us to innovate on how to host a conference effectively via virtual mode.

Join us and witness for yourself as we unfold the process of organizing this virtual conference through the different stages of your application to become among the selected participants!

Virtual Conference Dates and Implementation

The conference will take place on 9-11 September 2020. The schedule and link for the virtual conference will be shared later to all duly registered participants. Some session will be open to public through Youtube channels.

Virtual Conference Registration Fee

The registration for The 1st SEAMEO ICFN is free and thus the registration is on a first come, first served basis. There is a limit of 500 participants.

Registration for Participants

The registration for all participants could be accessed here . The registration will be available to two types of participants, namely:  Presenter and Non-Presenter. If you want to be a presenter, either as oral or poster presentation, please submit your abstract through the link below.


  • E-certificate
  • SKP from Persagi and IDI*
  • E-Book of abstracts

*To Be Confirmed

Virtual Conference (tentative) Agenda


Call for Abstracts

Important Note: Abstracts must be written in English and should be as concise as possible.  Authors are recommended to have their abstracts checked by a native English language editor before submission to ensure that the  peer review process will exclusively focus on the academic merits. The topics for call for abstracts are as follows:

1. Innovation in Nutrition Education during Early Childhood
2. Nutrition and Infection during Early Childhood
3. Food and Nutrition Intervention in Early Childhood
4. Stunting and Malnutrition Reduction Programming
5. Nutrigenomics/ Nutrigenetics for Early Childhood Nutrition
6. Food and Nutrition System Adaptation in Emergency Situation and Pandemic
7. The Use of Technology for Improving Health and Nutrition Practices during Early Childhood

Preparing your abstract

Each abstract must be a structured abstract of not more than 250 words. The abstract should consist of the following headings: Title, Author Names, Affiliations, Objective, Method, Results, Conclusions, and Keywords. All the headings should be used, and there should be a separate paragraph for each one. The abstract should be intelligible without reference to text or figures. Details on the abstract headings are as follows:


A title should be in bold, sentence case (no unnecessary capitalization), no underlining and no full stop at the end. The title is written in English and should not exceed 20 words. Title should be unambiguous and specific. Do not contain infrequently-used abbreviations. The title of the abstract should be in 16 Pt bold Times New Roman and be justified. The title should have 0 pts space above and 0 pts space below.

Authors Name

First name, middle initials if required, and surname with no full stop at the end. Underline the name of the corresponding author. A comma should separate author names. Where authors are from a number of different institutions, the appropriate institution number from the affiliation list should be given as a superscript number immediately after each author’s name, e.g.: John Smith1, Susan Jones1, Bill Fisher 2. If the authors are presenting an abstract on behalf of a study group, this information should not be included in the author list, but should appear in an Acknowledgements section. Author names should be in 12 Pt Times Roman bold with 0 pts space above and 0 pts space below.


Affiliations should include department, institute, town and country. Where there are multiple affiliations, each should be listed as a separate paragraph. Each institute should appear in the order used against the author names (see above paragraph) and show the appropriate superscript number, e.g.:

  1. Department, University, Town, State, Zipcode, USA
  2. University, Town, State, Postcode, UK
  3. Company, Town, State, Postcode, Canada


Describe the objective of the study. Written in 12 Pt Times New Roman. Please use single line spacing and type the text justified.


Briefly explain the method of the study. Written in 12 Pt Times New Roman. Please use single line spacing and type the text justified. 


Concisely explain about the result of the study. Written in 12 Pt Times New Roman. Please use single line spacing and type the text justified. 


Explain the conclusion of the study. Written in 12 Pt Times New Roman. Please use single line spacing and type the text justified.


Minimum of 4 keywords or phrases (each containing up to three words) separated by coma (,).


Abstracts Submission Guidelines

Step 1 – Register yourself in the OCS system

  • Go to the main page of ICFN online conference system (OCS)
  • Create your ICFN online conference system (OCS) account to login
  • Fill the information required and click CREATE
  • Your ICFN OCS account will be ready to use (login information will be sent to your email)

Step 2 – Submitting your abstract

  • Login to your ICFN online conference system (OCS) account
  • Click New Submission on the right-hand corner of the page
  • Select appropriate theme for your submission
  • Check all the submission checklist
  • Fill the required basic information as an author
  • Upload your abstract, metadata and supplementary files (if any) and click SUBMIT
  • You will receive a Submission Acknowledgement notification in your email after submission
  • Keep tracking the status of your abstract through your ICFN OCS account to know whether it is accepted (as oral or poster presentation)revision required, or rejected


For Presenters

The schedule and link for parallel session will be shared to the selected presenters later. Selected presenters will be asked to share their slides with their session chair at least two weeks ahead of the conference. Session chairs will get in with the presenters during this period.  Selected presenters will have 6 minutes for presentation and 4 minutes for Q&A. We will strictly observe this time allocation so that we can be on track with the conference schedule.

Presenter Guidelines 







Other Questions

For any other question, please contact

Arienta Sudibya email:

Ahmad Thohir email: