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Siregar AS; Werdhani RA; Ascobat P; Nafrialdi N; Syam AF; Hidayat R; Wangge G, 2021. Development of a module for the prevention of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-associated gastrointestinal adverse reactions in the elderly at a primary health center.  Int J Risk Saf Med 32(1):61-73

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Hendriyani H; Sudargo T; Fahmida U; Helmyati S; Susetyowati; Humayrah W, 2020. Deficient Nutrient Intake from Complementary Foods among Infants Aged 6-11 Months in Rural Areas of Yogyakarta.  J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo) 66(Supplement):S87-S93

Hai TT; Bardosono S; Wiradnyani LAA; Hop LT; Ngan HTD; Phuong HN, 2020. The optimal mid-upper-arm circumference cutoffs to screen severe acute malnutrition in Vietnamese children.  AIMS Public Health 7(1):188-196

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Dibley MJ; Alam A; Fahmida U; Ariawan I; Titaley CR; Htet MK; Damayanti R; Li M; Sutrisna A; Ferguson E, 2020. Evaluation of a Package of Behaviour Change Interventions (Baduta Program) to Improve Maternal and Child Nutrition in East Java, Indonesia: Protocol for an Impact Study.  JMIR Res Protoc 9(9):e18521

Mahmudiono T; Nindya TS; Rachmah Q; Segalita C; Wiradnyani LAA, 2020. Nutrition Education Intervention Increases Fish Consumption among School Children in Indonesia: Results from Behavioral Based Randomized Control Trial.  Int J Environ Res Public Health 17.

Fahmida U; Htet MK; Ferguson E; Do TT; Buanasita A; Titaley C; Alam A; Sutrisna A; Li M; Ariawan I; Dibley MJ, 2020. Effect of an Integrated Package of Nutrition Behavior Change Interventions on Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices and Child Growth from Birth to 18 Months: Cohort Evaluation of the Baduta Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial in East Java, Indonesia.  Nutrients 12.

Kekalih A; Anak Agung Sagung IO; Fahmida U; Ermayani E; Mansyur M, 2019. A multicentre randomized controlled trial of food supplement intervention for wasting children in Indonesia-study protocol.  BMC Public Health 19(1):305

Ferguson EL; Watson L; Berger J; Chea M; Chittchang U; Fahmida U; Khov K; Kounnavong S; Le BM; Rojroongwasinkul N; Santika O; Sok S; Sok D; Do TT; Thi LT; Vonglokham M; Wieringa F; Wasantwisut E; Winichagoon P, 2019. Realistic Food-Based Approaches Alone May Not Ensure Dietary Adequacy for Women and Young Children in South-East Asia.  Matern Child Health J 23(Suppl 1):55-66

Greffeuille V; Kameli Y; Chamnan C; Chea M; Daream S; Winichagoon P; Butryee C; Le BM; Lua TT; Muslimatum S; Roshita A; Kounnavong S; Wieringa FT; Berger J, 2019. Multi-criteria Mapping of Stakeholders' Viewpoints in Five Southeast Asian Countries on Strategies to Reduce Micronutrient Deficiencies Among Children and Women of Reproductive Age: Findings from the SMILING Project.  Matern Child Health J 23(Suppl 1):67-78

Witjaksono F; Simadibrata M; Lukito W; Wijaya A; Nurwidya F, 2019. Profiles of peptide YY and ghrelin, levels of hunger and satiety, and ad libitum intake in obese and non-obese Indonesian women.  Rom J Intern Med 57(1):15-22

Widyahening I; Kayode G; Wangge G; Grobbee D, 2019. Country Characteristics and Variation in Diabetes Prevalence among Asian Countries - an Ecological Study.  J ASEAN Fed Endocr Soc 34(1):80-86

Hulshof P; Doets E; Seyha S; Bunthang T; Vonglokham M; Kounnavong S; Famida U; Muslimatun S; Santika O; Prihatini S; Nazarudin N; Jahari A; Rojroongwasinkul N; Chittchang U; Mai LB; Dung LH; Lua TT; Nowak V; Elburg L; Melse-Boonstra A; Brouwer I, 2019. Food Composition Tables in Southeast Asia: The Contribution of the SMILING Project.  Matern Child Health J 23(Suppl 1):46-54

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Liman PB; Agustina R; Djuwita R; Umar J; Permadhi I; Helmizar; Hidayat A; Feskens EJM; Abdullah M, 2019. Dietary and Plasma Carboxymethyl Lysine and Tumor Necrosis Factor-α as Mediators of Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference among Women in Indonesia.  Nutrients 11.

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