SEAMEO RECFON gained the nod of the World Food Programme (WFP)-Indonesia for its research proposal to determine the impacts of COVID 19 on balanced nutrition practices of Indonesian primary school children during school closures and hybrid learning.

The 6-month study that will end in July 2022 has four specific objectives, namely to: assess the effects of school closures on food consumption patterns and knowledge, behaviors and practices of primary school children at home and at school,  identify existing policies and programmes in ensuring good dietary practices for primary school children, explore relevancy and effectiveness of existing nutrition education interventions for protecting and promoting healthy diets among primary school children during the  COVID-19 pandemic, and identify strategic options and pathways of change and recommendations that will be catalytic to an improved UKS/M to adapt nutrition education to current education modalities within the context of COVID-19 and other types of emergency situations.

One-on-one interview with a student in Pasuruan

The study will be carried out in North Lampung in Lampung Province, Pasuruan in East Java Province, and Kupang in East Nusa Tenggara Province. These areas were selected based on the stunting, obesity, anaemia, and food security statuses of primary school children before the pandemic. Data collection methods will include random personal interviews with students in Year 4-6, focused group discussion with school committee members, homeroom teachers, students, and UKS/M officers, and in-depth interviews with parents, school principals, UKS/M program implementers in community health centers and district education, healthy and religious offices as well as area secretariats.

Focused Group interviews with students and school committee members in North Lampung

SEAMEO RECFON signed the contract with WFP-Indonesia for this study on 23 February 2022.

Comprising SEAMEO RECFON’s team for this study are Dr. Luh Ade Wiradnyani as the coordinator, Mr. Aziz Jati Nur Anada, Mr. Ahmad Thohir, Mrs. Evi Ermayani, Ms. Aisyah Nurcita Dewi and Ms. Cahya Ayu Agustin as members.