Judul                     : Best Practices in the Nutrition Goes to School Program
                                 in Indonesian Primary Schools
Penulis                  : Luh Ade Ari Wiradnyani, et al

ISBN                      :  978-623-7759-70-6 || 978-623-7759-713 (PDF)

Halaman              : 153  halaman

Ukuran                 :   21×29.7cm


This book is a compilation of best practices of the activities and efforts generated during the implementation of the NGTS program in 12 representative elementary schools. The information also consists of the school profiles, summary of the implementation of NGTS program, challenges and solution to improve, also key factors developed by the NGTS team in each school. Additionally, the writings also represent the perspective of assistance team in ensuring the NGTS activities in each target school run smoothly. We hope that this book can be a reference, both in Indonesia and other countries, in planning and implementing school nutrition and health programs.