Judul : Practical Guidelines “Healthy School Canteen Development

Penulis : Dr. Judhiastuty Februhartanty, M.Sc, at all
ISBN : 978-623-7759-65-2 | | 978-623-7759-66-9 (PDF)
Halaman : 85 halaman
Ukuran : 21×29.7cm


The book provides information related to the development of such a Healthy School Canteen. The main content of this book is the school experiences shared by practitioners and coaches comprising the principals, teachers, and foundations who directly engaged in the development and guidance of their respective canteens. Some practices which are considered as good experiences are shared in this book to give concrete actions on the school premises. The readers are expected to learn the lessons which are reflect their continuous efforts in achieving the Healthy School Canteen despite the various obstacles faced by respective school.

This book also introduces the four main components of Healthy School Canteen development called as Four Pillars developed by SEAMEO RECFON team. The pillars are consisted of 29 indicators which are considered about the issues on 1) Commitment and management of the school; 2) Human resource; 3) Hygienic facilities and 4) Good quality of foods provided for school communities. A simple observation form is also shared in order to facilitate the school to assess their canteen status achievement.

The Healthy School Canteen is a complex achievement and may require cooperation and capacities in its implementation. Therefore, the principal leadership may take significant points in this book to gather resources, to prepare, coordinate and evaluate plan, including to start the plan with the easiest step. Above of all, the achievement of such a Healthy School Canteen is the outcome of cooperation among various parties, which can eventually increase the school’s prestige and benefit the school.