Judul : Indonesian Food Barometer : Food, Cultures & Health
Penulis : Helda Khusun, PhD, et.all
ISBN : 978-623-7759-83-6 | 978-623-7759-84-3 (PDF)
Halaman : 105 halaman
Ukuran : 21 x 29.7 cm


The Indonesian Food Barometer (IFB) offers a holistic approach of studying human food consumption by combining the scientific foundation of nutrition and sociology. It allows a global understanding on food practices and provides useful information on the current dietary behaviors of Indonesians that include among others 1) distribution of food events during the day, 2) norms and the actual practices of food intake, 3) socialization of food intake, 4) eating location, 5) socio-cultural representations of food, 6) attitudes towards food safety, healthy eating, animal welfare, genetically modified foods, 7) Indonesian emblematic dishes, 8) macronutrient intakes indicating nutrition transition based on the daily diet of the Indonesians, and 9) current magnitude of overweight and obesity among Indonesian adults. As the IFB reveals information on the stages of modernization potentially impacting the eating habits and food practices in contemporary multi-ethnic societies like Indonesia, the report provides a new data source that will greatly facilitate the study of the evolution of food cultures and eating habits in Indonesia. Furthermore, the investigation on food and nutrition policy recommendations for tackling such emerging obesity and other non-communicable disease problems allow the utilization of the IFB for setting up a wider dialogue, based on empirical data between the spheres of social sciences with the nutrition, public health, economics, and political sciences.