We accept internship from high-school, vocational school, undergraduate and graduate students

Educational Background of Interns:

  • High school from any major
  • Vocational school: secretarial and administration, IT, nutrition
  • (under)graduate student in Food and Nutrition
  • (under)graduate student in Medicine (General Medicine)
  • (under)graduate student in Communication and Public Jurnalistic
  • (under)graduate student in Psychology
  • (under)graduate student in Food Science
  • (under)graduate student in Science
  • (under)graduate student in Biostatistic

Internship Conditions:
Fully funded by intern

Internship Period:
a. May– June
b. July– August
c. August– October

Internship Slots:
max 10 per period

Internship Status:

Internship Contact Person:
Afifatul Humairo, S.I.P
Email (hr@seameo-recfon.org)