Judul : A Collection of Lesson Plan for Primary and Secondary School Teachers
“ School Garden-Based Nutrition Education”

Penulis : Luh Ade Ari Wiradnyani, at all
ISBN : 978-623-7759-64-5 | | 978-623-7759-63-8 (PDF)
Halaman : 213
Ukuran : 21×29.7cm



Studies show that schools are effective venues for students to study, interact with others, and develop positive habits like balanced eating and healthy living. SEAMEO RECFON regards a school garden as a teaching-learning tool that students can use to advance their understanding of and skills in health and nutrition. For instance, students can learn about different dietary sources of nutrition and create an interest in the foods they eat by cultivating vegetables and fruits in the school garden.

Having a school garden gives the students the opportunity to harvest and eat the produce they have grown, which gives them a sense of accomplishment. Teacher’s comprehension of a school garden as a tool for fostering healthy eating and lifestyle habits among children needs to be improved.

“Collection of Lesson Plans of School Garden-Based Nutrition Education for Primary and Secondary School Teachers” book contains common concepts and standards of nutrition and school gardening, experiences that coming from selected teachers on their experiences in using school garden as a medium for nutrition education for school-age children and adolescent as well as lesson plans for conveying nutrition and health messages through simple and attractive activities within the school garden.

This book is the English version of the Indonesian version published by SEAMEO RECFON in 2018. We hope that this book will benefit and motivate school teachers to be creative in delivering nutrition and health education through their respective school gardens.