Judul :

Snapshots of Perceptions From The General Public and Policy Makers on Stunting and Tobacco

Penulis :

  1. Yessi Crosita Octaria
  2. Grace Wangge
  3. Levina Chandra Khoe
  4. Maulina Rizqi Astari

ISBN : 978-623-7759-75-1 (PDF)

Halaman : 59 halaman

Ukuran : 14, 8 x 21,0 cm


This book was prepared to emphasize that the quality of Indonesian human resources is not solely determined by the improvement of food and nutrition during early childhood, however, tobacco consumption control also plays an imperative role.

This book also documents lessons learned and information extracted from the serial activities of “Analysis of Public Perceptions and Policy Makers regarding Stunting and Excise on Tobacco Products” so as to disseminate this information to the wider community.

This book will review the relationship between cigarette consumption and malnutrition, especially stunting in a systematic way, as well as the importance of cigarette excise to control cigarette consumption