SEAMEO RECFON now has a new laboratory service on assessing human micronutrient levels towards understanding diseases through Multiplex ELISA analysis using Quansys Q-Plex technology. The Centre acquired the equipment on 8 April 2022 through funding from the Government of Indonesia.

As a way of introducing the new laboratory service to its regular clients, staff and potential customers, the Centre conducted a socialization through an introductory webinar about it on July 22, 2022 which was attended by 60 participants. Furthermore, seven (7) staffs related to the laboratory of SEAMEO RECFON have equipped with training of its analysis and QA/QC competencies.

Mr. Kurdianto, the training resource person from PT. Sciencewerke, explained that Q-Plex technology, as part of Multiplex ELISA Analysis is a more advanced and efficient technology than traditional ELISA due to smaller sample size needed, faster analysis time, larger amount of data output, lower cost per assay, and higher sensitivity.  He also added that (1) multiplex technology provides a more economic, rapid, and ecologically sound alternative to individual assays for studies requiring the measurement of multiple biomarkers per biospecimen; and (2) multiplex ELISA procedures appear suitable and reliable for the study of hearing related biological proteins, providing accurate, quantitative, reproducible results with considerable improvement in sensitivity and economy.

Aside from the new laboratory service, SEAMEO RECFON provides other services to support research in food and nutrition, such as biochemical assessment, dietary assessment, anthropometry and body composition assessment, food analysis, genetic analysis, freeze dry services. Five biomarkers on retinol, beta-caroten, alpha-tocopherol, zinc, and vitamin D 25-OH have all been accredited by ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Furthermore, specific analysis which commonly used by the researcher are available in assessment packages, such as risk of metabolic syndrome, risk of anemia, oxidative stress, vitamin D deficiency, and healthy canteen. For the further information about SEAMEO RECFON Laboratory and Consultancy Services please contact by phone at (+6221) 319 30205 or email: or website:



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