SEAMEO adopted the theme “Nutrition, Health, and Productivity Nexus in the Workplace” in celebrating its 12th anniversary this year to give emphasis on its new flagship program called Nutrition Goes To Workplace (NGTW) under its Third Five-Year Development Plan (FYDP 2021/2022 – 2025/2026).

The celebration consisted of series of activities which included a capacity building for the staff, regional and national webinars with partners, as well as quiz and short video competitions.

On 27 January, the Centre held an internal celebration comprising of enhancing the knowledge and skills of staff members through a receiving a lecture on how to manage mental health and work-related stress, recognizing the 10-year service of two staff, namely: Mrs. Ratna Wulanti (Research Administrative) and Mrs. Siti Mirza Ellya Nurdin (Laboratory and Consultancy Staff), and having games, exchange gifts, and doorprizes.

(Left to right: Mrs. Ratna Wulanti and Mrs. Siti Mirza Ellya Nurdin)


On 22 February, the Centre held a regional webinar on the anniversary theme. It was attended by more than 400 participants from various countries Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, Vietnam, as well as India and Iran from various background and institutions.

Mr. John Arnold Sasi Siena (Deputy Director Programme and Development of SEAMEO Secretariat)

Dr. Rachmadi Widdiharto (Director of Teacher and Education Personel for Basic Education, MOECRT)

Prof. Nizam, PhD (Director General of Higher Education of MOECRT)

In his welcome remarks, SEAMEO RECFON Acting Director, Dr. Zainun Misbah, explained that the webinar is aimed to raise public awareness about nutrition to improve worker’s well-being and productivity. The webinar was officially opened by Mr. John Arnold Sasi Siena (Deputy Director Programme and Development of SEAMEO Secretariat).  The keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Rachmadi Widdiharto (Director of Teacher and Education Personel for Basic Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology/MoECRT of Indonesia). Congratulatory video messages from Director General of Higher Education of MOECRT and Directors of SEAMEO Centres in Indonesia were also played during the webinar.

The webinar featured four speakers from various institutions with specific topic based on their expertise. Prof. Muchtaruddin Mansyur, MD, PhD (Universitas Indonesia), as the first speaker, delivered a topic about “Workplace-based Nutrition Intervention towards Nutrition for All”. He highlighted about the importance of workplace-based nutrition intervention to address malnutrition, such as anemia among women worker and obesity as the risk factor of non-communicable diseases. He also emphasized the need to give more attention to the workplace environment since it also plays a crucial role as risk factor of obesity such as social and psyco-social stressor, working hours, and sedentary behavior. He suggested that among the health and nutrition interventions which could be implemented in the workplace include promoting balanced nutrition practices, maintaining a healthy canteen, and providing appropriate health services or a health clinic.

Moderator and Speakers of The Regional Webinar (above: Dr. Indah Widyahening and Prof. Muchtaruddin Mansyur; below: Dr. Sugma Agung Purbowo and Risti Rosmiati, M.Si)

Prof. Dr. Winnie Chee Siew Swee, PhD, FNSM, FMDA (International Medical University/IMU, Malaysia) delivered the second topic about “Structured lifestyle program for workplace wellness” She shared some of the best practices of her institution’s program called IMU Heal which consists of meal plan, exercise, education and motivation, and digital health support (online coaching).  The program is divided into 5 group sessions in 12 twelve days   to help reduce body weight as well as control blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the program participants.

The third and fourth speakers shared the results of  their research projects supported by SEAMEO RECFON in 2022 in the context of  NGTW Program. Dr. Sugma Agung Purbowo, MARS, SpDLP, SpKKLP (Indonesian Family Physician Association), as the third speaker, explained his study results on “Intervention Model for School-Based Blood Pressure Control for Elementary School Teachers.” The model showed significant results in improving the behavior of participants towards controlling their blood pressure. The fourth speaker, Risti Rosmiati, S.Gz, M.Si (Medan State University) talked about the “Development of PRISAT (Productivity Risk Self-Assessment Tool) for Early Detection of Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factors for Urban Workers’ Productivity”. Her presentation focused on the validity of PRISAT when tested among urban workers in Medan.

Dr Indah S. Widyahening, MD, MS, MSc-CMFM, PhD (SEAMEO RECFON) moderated the open forum after the presentations.

The webinar ended with the launching of SEAMEO RECFON forthcoming activities and new laboratory service.  The activities include the Early Childhood Care and Nutrition (ECCNE) competition and Online Training Healthy School Canteen (OT HSC) through Udemy while the new laboratory service is about multiplex micronutrients analysis. Winners in the Centre’s quiz and IG short video competitions on “Best Practices of Balanced Nutrition in the Workplace” as well as call for articles for the 4th issue of RECFON’s AWESOME Magazine on the theme “Balanced Nutrition Practices in the Workplace” were also announced towards the closing of the webinar. Please kindly visit our official Youtube channel to watch the video recording of the regional webinar through this link:

On 25 February, the Centre collaborated with Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) and Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka (UHAMKA) to hold a national webinar on “High Protein, Halal, Safe, and Nutritious Food for Indonesian Generation” to celebrate Indonesia’s 63rd National Nutrition Day (Hari Gizi Nasional ke-63). This webinar was attended by more than 250 participants.

Three speakers in this webinar explained different topics about adolescent nutrition based on their expertise. The panel session was moderated by Mrs. Indriya Laras, M. Nut (SEAMEO RECFON). As the first speaker, Mrs. Anna Fitriani, MPH (UHAMKA) talked about “Combination of Protein Consumption and Physical Activity to Improve Body Composition of Adolescents”. Mrs. Rachmawati Widyaningrum, MPH (UAD), as the second speaker, explained about “Halal Aspects and Nutrient Content of Contemporary Snacks for Adolescents”. The third speaker was Ms. Nindhita Pricillia, M.Sc (SEAMEO RECFON) who delivered a topic about “Mindful Eating and Food Choice Motives in Adolescents”.

Moderator and Speakers of The National Webinar (above: Nindhita Pricillia, M.Sc and Indriya Laras, M.Nut; below: Rachmawati Widyaningrum, MPH and Anna Fitriani, MPH)

This national webinar also featured cooking demo by Chef Dodik Prakoso, MM, on how to make a healthy korean menu for adolescents. Winners of short video competition by the organizers as part of National Nutrition Day were also announced. Please kindly visit our official Youtube channel to watch the video recording of the national webinar through this link:

Cooking Demo by Chef Dodik Prakoso, MM