SEAMEO RECFON’s student interns from France, Kerwan Lapostolle and Cassandra Da Cunha, got first-hand exposures on the actual implementation of the Centre’s Nutrition Goes To School (NGTS) program  in Cirebon and Tasikmalaya, West Java on 8-14 February 2023.

Kerwan, Cassandra, and Dr. Zainun Misbah with The Director and Staff of the Health Polytechnic Institute of Tasikmalaya

On 8 February 2023, the interns together with SEAMEO RECFON Deputy Director for Administration and Officer-in-Charge Dr. Zainun Misbah were welcomed by the director and staff of the Health Polytechnic Institute of Tasikmalaya.  The Institute is the academic partner of SEAMEO RECFON in implementing the NGTS Program in the said districts and was responsible for organizing the field visits  and hosting of the interns during their stay in Cirebon.

The first NGTS school that the interns visited was Beber 1 National Senior High School  (SMAN) on 10 February 2023 where they learned about the school’s breakfast program that adopts the “Isi Piringku” (My Plate) guideline of Indonesia.  Isi Piringku  prescribes the portion of food consumed on one plate consisting of 50 percent fruit and vegetables, and the remaining 50 percent consisting of carbohydrates and protein. “We do not have this system (of eating) in France and we were therefore able to discover and enrich our knowledge of nutrition (practice in Indonesia)”, said Kerwan.  In the afternoon, they visited  IIBS Fajar Hidayah boarding school where they had the opportunity to help prepare healthy meals for the students there as well as learn local culture and Bahasa Indonesia.

Kerwan and Cassandra in Beber 1 National Senior High School

School’s Breakfast Program in Beber 1 National Senior High School

The second NGTS school visited by the interns was the  National Junior High School (SMPN) 7 on 14 February 2023.  In this school, the interns learned about gardening activity as a medium for nutrition education of students which is one of the NGTS components. “The students in this school do a lot more practical works than us related to  nutrition, agriculture, and healthy food which are very interesting to see,” Cassandra said. The interns also witnessed traditional dance and music performed by the students.

Kerwan and Cassandra also witnessed the Nutrition Fair at Indramayu District on 9 February 2023 and experienced the local tourism in Cirebon  such as Sunyaragi Cave, Kasepuhan Palace and batik making factory on 11-12 February 2023.

On  13 February 2023, the interns attended a cooking class about local dishes at Health Polytechnic Institute of Tasikmalaya. They were also interviewed  about their visit experiences while in Cirebon.

Kerwan and Cassandra Interviewed by Health Polytechnic Institute of Tasikmalaya

In all the schools they visited, Kerwan and Cassandra gave a presentation on French food and eating habits.

Kerwan and Cassandra with Staff of the Health Polytechnic Institute of Tasikmalaya