Dr. Indah Suci Widhyahening, RECFON’s Research Unit Manager, was invited by the World Health Organization to serve as one of the 20 Advisers representing the various regions of the world in its Expert Committee on the Selection and Use of Essential Medicines for 2021.

As an Adviser, Dr. Indah will participate in the Committee’s 23rd Meeting that the WHO Headquarters in Geneva is organizing virtually from 21 June to 2 July 2021. Prior to the meeting, she will join the rest of the committee members in reviewing the 80 shortlisted essential medicine applications seeking the consideration of the Committee to be added in WHO’s Model List of Essential Medicines and Model List of Essential Medicines for Children.  Dr. Indah is also expected to provide  expert review report on the selected applications to facilitate the discussions of the Committee during the meeting towards revising and updating the said model lists.

Dr Indah is concurrently serving as an Associate Professor in the Community Medicine Department of Universitas Indonesia, with special expertise in family medicine and primary health care, clinical epidemiology and evidence-based medicine.  She is also affiliated to the Harvard Chan School of Public Health as a Bernard Lown scholar in cardiovascular health as well as a contributor of the Non-Communicable Diseases Risk Factor Collaboration (NDC-RisC).  She is an advisor to the Directorate of Non-Communicable Diseases of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.