The School Based Nutrition Promotion (SBNP) Working Group workshop meeting was held on November 3rd 2023. The workshop was attended by more than 75 working group members from Southeast Asia countries.

Prior to the workshop, a pre-event webinar on “Empowering School Children and Adolescents on Health and Nutrition” was delivered as a learning forum to update on current initiatives on School Based Nutrition Promotion. The webinar speakers were Mrs. Eny Kurnia Sari, STP (GAIN Indonesia) and Dr. Tin Afifah (BRIN Indonesia), which was moderated by Dr. Luh Ade Wiradnyani (SEAMEO RECFON).

After the webinar, all SBNP working group members were assigned to one of four sub-working groups/SWG (SWG 1: Knowledge Generation and Compilation; SWG 2: Resource Sharing Platform; SWG 3: Communication Campaign and Policy Advocacy; SWG 4: Capacity Building Standardization) to discuss the action/activity plan for the next year 2024.

After joined the discussion session in the break-out room, all participants back to the main room to see the presentation session from Ms. Siti Adiba (Ministry of Health Malaysia) who delivered her topic on the Best Practice of SBNP Program: Experience in Implementing School Meal Program in Malaysia (HITS = Hidangan Berkhasiat di Sekolah).

At the end of the workshop, Mrs. Nursyifa Rahma, M.Gizi (UHAMKA University) represented the SBNP working group, presented the summary of activity plans from all groups.