SEAMEO RECFON has a website that provides an Input & Suggestions feature which is useful for providing suggestions for improving SEAMEO RECFON programs and services. The purpose of the Input & Suggestions feature is to make it easier for stakeholders, teachers, and also the community to provide suggestions or input for the improvement of SEAMEO RECFON programs and services, which are implemented by 7 units consist of:

    1. Training
    2. Community Development and Partnership (CDP)
    3. Knowledge Management and Policy Support (KMPs)
    4. Research
    5. Laboratory dan Consultancy
    6. Human Resources and General Affair (HRGA)
    7. Administration, Finance and Accounting (AFA)

The content of the Input & Suggestions feature are displayed below:

Please kindly access this link to give Input & Suggestions: and check this tutorial video for more information