On 4 March 2024, SEAMEO RECFON and the NGTS team of SDN Glagahwangi 1 organised the implementation and socialisation of the NGTS Program to promote Healthy Schools in Klaten District. This socialisation aimed to scale up the Nutrition Goes to School (NGTS) Program to other schools in Klaten District, initiated by the school that entered the institutionalisation phase of the program and is expected to mentor other nearby schools to also adopt the NGTS program.

Two institutionalised NGTS Schools in Bogor, SMK Wikrama Bogor and SMK Geo-Informatika had declared their commitment to assist each two additional schools and the Education Office endorsed this commitment.

This event attend by 15 participants, including the Principal and representatives of targeted schools from SD Negeri Kapungan 1, SD Negeri Kapungan 2, and SD Negeri Glagahwangi 3, Klaten District. During this event, Sigit Setiyanto, S.Pd and Suwasno, S.Pd.SD (teachers of Glagahwangi 1 Elementary School) share their experiences about the implementation of the NGTS Program and practices for balanced nutrition, both in the school environment and at home.